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Linux help for beginners

So you’ve cleaned yet another virus off of your Windows box and are ready to make the leap to Linux…

Recommended Linux versions for beginners

All of the Linux versions come with lots of free software and the basics are the same. Some are easier to install on your computer, some have loads of software so you don’t have to go looking for it, some have better tools for managing Linux as a beginner.

RedHat is one of the easiest to install, it is easily found in most software stores or you can buy or download it online.

Suse is loaded with more goodies than you will have time to discover. Suse is also easy to find in the stores or online.

Linux on Laptops has everything you need to know about installing Linux on your laptop. Don’t even try to put Linux on a laptop with out going here first. Find your laptop on the list, see which versions of Linux are known to work on your laptop and work arounds for any trouble you are likely to run into. Also this site has links for driver your laptop might require.

Online manuals for beginners

Linux Guides; ‘Linux System Administrators’ Guide’; ‘Linux Administration Made Easy’; ‘Linux Programmer’s Guide’ are all excellent resources for getting started. Just scroll down the list and grab what you need.

The Linux Documentation Project has several more online books, how tos, and tutorials if what you are looking for is not already listed.
Rute Manual This is the best Linux book/manual I have run across. You can also find it here

Online tutorials for beginners

Tweako has tons of tutorials on Ubuntu

Online Searchable Docs and tutorials for Linux

Useful links for beginners

Unix Guru Universe has many tutorials for beginners, links to the different flavors of Linux, security information and a news group.

GNU has software, manuals and information.

If you type file:/usr/share/doc/ in your browser window you will get a list of directories each containing documentation and user manuals for all your Linux programs.

If you are not sure, try downloading and installing a free copy of Ubuntu Linux

Still undecided? Cygwin is a free set of tools you install on your windows computer. It will let you open a command window and emulate a Linux machine. So you can practice and see if you like Linux, or just learn about Linux before you install it on your machine. This is only the command line Linux. It doesn’t include XWindows which is the graphical user interface or any of the GUI applications. It does include your programming tools so you can write programs in C, C++, Java or your language of choice.

Church of the Swimming Elephant Security information and news are posted here on a slashdot type board. There are also security software tools.

Linux & Lip Gloss Blog I love this blog. I first ran across this blog when she left a note on the Webtools blog. There are many good, simple Linux tricks you’ll want to learn there.

News and gossip

Slash dot
News and information at Linux World

Open Source Software (and other useful)

Looking for Linux software? Or do you wish to begin or contribute to an open-source Linux project. If so there is a repository at Source Forge.

Gigabytes of software for Linux in case there is something you need that did not come with your distribution.

The Gimp – For all your art work, plugins and manuals are here as well ‘the gimp’. It is all on your computer already if you have installed linux.

Vmware lets you run windows inside of Linux, or you can run Linux inside of Windows.

PGP for all your encryption needs.

Web cam

OK the cam is back up with a different set up. The information on the camera, drivers and scripts for setting up a cam are Linux Web Cam

Networking Tools

Tools to manage DNS