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When I switched from Linux to OSX it had all the programming tools I needed, java, gcc, xcode and life was good. Now that I’m trying to learn cell phone programming life is not so good on OSX. Palm doesn’t have any current OSX tools nor does Sun.

For J2ME Programming:

A better path might be to switch to J2ME applications but midlet life is not much better for OSX users:

Do it yourself MIDP on Mac OS X is an excellent source for getting you up and running to write, compile and test MIDP 1.0 on OSX. Mpowerplayer has an excellent tool for testing your programs much better than the emulator that comes with the Sun tools, there is also a SDK in which you’ll find useful tools.

But again this puts you quite a bit behind the times. I found that I could download midp2.0.fcs from Sun which contains the MIDP 2.0 classes and tools. Most of the tools from the linux version won’t work but we need the class files, the preverify you’ll grab from mpowerplayer.

Copy the preverify program that came with mpowerplayer sdk over the sun linux 2.0 preverify, and follow the above instructions on the “Do it yourself MIDP on Mac OS X” page to compile and preverify the program. Mpowerplayer has run the midp 2.0 programs I have tested so far ( just simple games ). “Beginning Mobile Phone Game Programming” by Micheal Morrison has been a good intro book so far.

You will also need to change your .bashrc_profile file in your home directory to list the class path and location of the preverify file. Just add these lines after adjusting them to reflect your locations of things:

#midp stuff
PATH=$PATH:/Applications/midp/bin br>export PATHIf I find better tools or more information I’ll post it back on this blog entry.

Example Code:



See also:

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For palm programming you need:

PRC-Tools compile source code and resources but only for the Moto68. They do work but palm hasn’t used that processor for a while. PilRC converts the *rcp file. You will also need POSE the emulator from palm but it is several versions behind the current OS installed on the phones. The newest ROM for OSX is 4.1, and of course you’ll need the Palm OS Documentation.

And even with all of those tools you’ll be writing for OS 4.1 and compiling for Moto68. An excellent book to get you started is “Instant Palm OS Applications” by Kris Jamsa. It is old you can dig up a used copy on the net. It is the only book I ‘ve seen so far that covers writing your *.rcp files. The directions given for gcc compiling will do just fine on OSX.
To compile the palm os programs and convert them to *.prc files from the command line do:
m68k-palmos-gcc file.c file2.c file3.c -o File

m68k-palmos-obj-res File

pilrc File.rcp

build-prc File.prc “File” IP01 *.grc *.bin

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