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Computational physics

Computational and other physics stuff

Computational Physics

Things to remember:
Do not ever use nested loops, be creative and flatten it out if you can;
Do not frequently print out information as you go, it slows things way down;
Watch the sizes of things, variables that are shorts or ints are likely to wrap instead of moving along and matrices can get really big if you are not paying attention.

Times to Come Physics and math programs

Java source code
Plot Xn = AXn ( 1 – Xn )
Mandelbrot in Java
Julia Set in Java
Solve DE using differences
Java Runga-Kutta
Calculates least squares curve fit from data
Calculates f(x) from a few data points using interpolation
Calculates differences in data
Calculates derivatives using differences

C, C++, OpenGL source code
Airy pattern using bessel function
Plot sine wave
Calculates area of saturation of a gas
Calculates time for ammonia to saturate 1 meter in a density strong enough to smell
3d Simple Simulation of Helium Atom
Simulation of Orbiting Planet
Runga-Kutter Algorithm in C
Root finder using Newton-Ralphston and bisection
Convert base 10 to base 2
Coffee cooling problem and plotting program for data
Converts floating point numbers base 10 to binary floating point
Calculate drag trajectory on falling ball
Rotating cube
Mandelbrot Fractal
Simple Interactive Robot
Calclulate circle center
Solve DE using bisection
Bisection and Bisection driver calculate root using bisection method
Gauss and Guass driver gaussian quadratues using legendre polynomials
OpenGL subroutine to plot 2d data

Off site resources for Physics and Computational Physics

Physics Forums
Math and Physics Applets
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Several papers on writing fast numerical code in C++, Veldhuizen
Beginners programs in C, F77
Numerical Recipes in C, Fortran, online books
MuPad — Maple/Mathematica like program free for students and educators, Runs on Linux, Mac and Win
Open Channel Foundation, Software from Academic and Research Institutions

Quantum Physics Online

Recommended Books

Stuck in a subject? Here are some texts that do a great job of explaining things:
‘Vector Analysis’ KA Stroud
‘Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems’ Nagle
‘Introduction to Electrodynamics’ Griffiths
‘Introduction to Quantum Mechanics’ Griffith
‘Engineering Mathematics’ Stroud

Girls do physics

20th Century Contributions to Physics by Women
Physics Forums Visit with some like minded souls or get some help

Magazines and news sites of interest

Museum of Unworkable Devices
New Scientist
Skeptical Inquirer
Physics Humor on the Web

Some pages with solutions to graduate textbook problems

Not solution manuals, but a beginning. -URI Solutions Page: Mechanics, E and M, Quantum, Math-Physics. Be sure to add your own homework to the site.

And for fun: What happens when you don’t study for your physics test

Offsite Math Resources

Historical Math Monographs Cornell has put several of the classics online
Weekly Column on finds in Mathematical Physics
The Geometry Junkyard
Introduction to Tensor Calculus
Math Forum Home Page
AMS Books Online
The Math Archives
The Integrator
Maths Thesaurus
Numerical Recipes
The Data Analysis BriefBook