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Setting up house

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The library is together and is really cool looking. It has only about a third the shelf space of the previous one so we’ll have to be more selective in the books we choose to keep. We brought very few books with us so there is lots of room to fill.

The only room left to tackle is the living room. We’re thinking just some over sized chairs to flop in will work. I went around today and touched up all the paint. There is just no way to move into a house with out marking up the walls. I’ll have to get some more of that paint, they painted it with a flat paint so you know it’s going to get marked up a lot.

So there is one room left, a few odds and ends then a bit more landscaping but it’s all coming along quickly and smoothly here. I’m enjoying the sun and warm weather, I wonder if I’ll still be happy about it a month from now? I ordered a new camera so I should be able to start loading some interesting pictures soon.

We did go out on the bikes again last night. There are some seriously ritzy neighborhoods nearby. Most of the homes are just bigger, and not interesting. A few are amazing though. Huge windows every where, court yards and out door courtyards leading into the house. The lots are not much bigger than ours, the same distance is between the houses more or less. There is a gated community 🙁 at the inner section of the golf course. This area is already fairly exclusive, kind of creepy some people still feel they need a fence around their neighborhood? It is also funny that the priciest homes are those closest to the golf course. Who’d want to have golf balls landing in your yard all the time?

Beginning of the house sale saga

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May 21st, 2005 at 5:21 pm

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More plumbers

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Seems it is my lot in life to be with plumbers. We fixed just about everything in the old home just before moving and we’re doing the same here. The new faucets are really cool though.

We made it out to buy bikes tonight, I’m looking forward to exploring this area on bike this weekend.

There are many billboards around offering ‘vasectomy reversals’ seems odd there would be a high demand for that.

… and you know you are not in N.E. anymore when you read the morning news about a women’s boyfriend and boss having a shoot out in her home and killing each other while hubby was away on a business trip. He’s still in shock the paper says.

The air always smells wet here, sometimes moldy, sometimes clean like a right after a spring rain smell but always it smells wet to me.

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May 18th, 2005 at 5:22 pm

moving right along

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Things are coming along here. I found parts online to fix the grill out back, but the faucet in the master bath sprung a leak today so that will have to be dealt with soon.

Kittens went to the vet and are fine. There was an interesting crowd in there this morning. We had one cat howling up a storm in the back, seems he dove?/slid? off a roof this morning. I met a woman who had just gotten back from Somalia with her 17 year old cat and two women from Australia with a lost dog, whose owner had already called looking for him.

We found a store with bookcases we like, we’ll order those this week and get a library done. It is strange not having one set up. We’ve been to busy to use one any how though I’m hoping things settle into a routine soon.

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May 12th, 2005 at 5:22 pm

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Strange things for sale at Walmart

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Love the stereo, I have the 3 Tenors and some favorite opera cuts blaring through the house. The husband tells me from the second floor there are four wireless networks beside ours that he can see.

Tv and Dvd are now hooked up. Once we can get mail I’ll start up Netflix again. Very busy day here. I made another major cleaning pass, we put more furniture together and did more errands. I did a ton of shopping online last night, that was a big help. The junkman comes tomorrow to haul stuff away so we can start on the next round. We’ve a pile of styrofoam and cardboard that is about 4’x3’x12′. It is seriously encroaching on living space. We also fixed many of the little things on the to do list and the air filter system is up and running. It’ll be interesting to see if it helps with my allergies.

I love wearing the ipod when I am out doing errands, instead of mugging you when you enter a store, the help just smiles knowingly. It is much better than having to deal with them.

The Walmart candy section isn’t all candy down here. About half of it is beef jerky in about 30 different flavors. They also have microwavable pork rinds. ( ewww !! ) Another odd thing down here is all the mattress stores. Every strip mall has a mattress store. I don’t know how they all stay in business, it looks like there are at least a half dozen mattress chains.

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May 9th, 2005 at 5:24 pm

Settling in some

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The water bed is helping, now I don’t wake up sore every day. It is the tallest water bed I’ve ever had, kind of strange I’m used to low sitting beds.

We found a living room set that should mostly come Friday, a stereo, tv and assorted little things yesterday. We got the built in stereo up and running, sounds great. I think they are the same speakers we had in the old house.

I’ve two clogged drains, I think from the contractors using them to clean up. I did get the two broken blinds fixed today.

I’m glad the gym is coming soon, we got a scale yesterday and I was not happy, much more of this lifestyle and we’ll be waddling.

The new water heater was installed yesterday, the installers tried to tell us the old one wouldn’t fit through the attic door and had to stay up there. Right. I’ve seen that trick before, out comes the tape measure and they go through a head scratching routine. But since the new one was the same size they couldn’t make much of a case.

We have an amazing pile of styrofoam, cardboard and other assorted packing material. I’ll have to call the junk man to get that this week. The house is starting to feel livable now.

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May 8th, 2005 at 5:25 pm

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House closing

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The closing went smoothly, though it was long at ~2 hours.

Thursday we ran back and forth through department stores, stocking the kitchen, baths, and misc. stuff.

Friday the water bed showed up, and the guest room bed, and 6 desks, and small kitchen appliances, and the washer and dryer. Needless to say it was chaotic. Most of the stuff is set up now, we’ll finish off the rest today.

We are back online, next week we will dig into the living room, family room tvs, stereos, and whatever else we have missed. The gym stuff shows up Thursday and we have to put the universal together. Yuck, they always come in a million pieces.

The contractors working on this place left us a huge pile of junk, and a huge box of half filled paint cans. No idea how I am going to get rid of them. You are allowed one good sized trash can per week. A truck comes and it is auto dumped by the truck.

We’re getting the hang of the garage thing too. Both Lincolns fit inside, with 2″-3″ at each end ( ha no problem for us city drivers ) and about 6″ between them. Good thing we didn’t gain too much weight on the trip. We have not figured out the garage door opener thingys, but The Husband had fun using the wall button to make the door go up and down Thursday night.

The Post Office was a nightmare, but progress was made. There are 7 small and 2 large mailboxes across the street, numbered 1-7 and 1-2. Which one goes with house 215 is a mystery, and still a mystery. They will drop off keys and info one day next week, I’ve no idea what is happening to my mail in between?

The new water heater is being installed. The one we have is 15 years old, so we figured we’d just take care of that before it leaked and crashed through the ceiling. The two AC units, heater and roof are on borrowed time as well. I’ll start on those after we furnish the place and as money comes in.

There is a ton of stuff in the house we haven’t figured out how to use yet, there is an air filter system and built in stereo speakers. I’ve not a clue where and how the stereo hooks up.

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May 7th, 2005 at 5:25 pm

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