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Turn off IntelliSense in Visual Code

idk what idiot thought having pop ups all over the place when you are coding is a good idea? They showed up in VS after the last update I did. After much trial and error I arrived at this solution:

I found there are two things you need to do to turn them off:
– edit your settings file
– delete the .vscode directory in your home dir

My user settings file looks like this:

“editor.quickSuggestions”: false,
“editor.suggestOnTriggerCharacters”: false,
“editor.snippetSuggestions”: “none”,
“editor.wordBasedSuggestions”: false,
“editor.folding”: false,
“editor.acceptSuggestionOnCommitCharacter”: false,
“editor.quickSuggestionsDelay”: 9999999999,
“editor.minimap.enabled”: false