Geekiness and life on the third coast

SxSW day 3

Alfred Lui’s talk on designing for the Internet of things was the best today. He has some slides from other talks up on the site, and this one’s slides should appear there in a few days.

Sung Kim only really spoke about 20 mins but shared more useful information than many speakers do in an hour.

Anne Wojcicki of 23AndMe mostly talked about 23AndMe, I was lucky enough to get my DNA to them before the FDA decided information was dangerous, I’m looking forward to them getting back into health information.

Blues singing robot

$15k Exoskeletons from Skeletonics, almost cheap enough to buy 😉

Launch a custom satellite, ~$3mill, Axelspace Microsatellites

Why watch movies on the treadmill when you can conquer space instead? Hakuhodo i-studio

Trending at SxSW:
Ambient information
Interpret the data for your users, data without purpose is noise

Example: one device increased the amount of information on display as the user came closer

AgIC, print a circuit instead of bread boarding it
I grabbed an 3 in 1 lens from Ollclio and a Mophie Space Pack both of which look like they’ll be fun and useful.