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SxSW day 2

Started off the day with a talk about body computing from Leslie Saxon of USC Body Computing, very light on information but interesting.

Jonah Beger, author of “Contagious, Why Things Catch On” Excellent talk, looks like he has studies on his website and the book is very good.

I was going to see this, but there was a line, so I visited the maker area instead
Matt Danna of Fullscreen. ( talk slides )

Instead I saw Myriam Joire, talk about wearables and context, biggest take away is not a new one – many sensors are greater than the sum of their parts.

Excellent, DARPA is so very cool
Daniel Kaufman of DARPA. interview with NYT

There were tables of children building drones, hah, let the govt try to regulate drones when every school child can build one. Robots were plentiful, as were large 3d printers.
3D Robotics
Gigabot, very large 3D printers 24″^3
TI is making lots of cool sensors
TI LaunchPad, robot building kits





Benford’s Law
3M touch films
3m double sided VHB RP tape