Geekiness and life on the third coast

SxSW Day 4


Wolfram, A New Kind of Science, Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Language is to become available for using Wolfram through the cloud or iOS later this year.
Wolfram is setting up a data science class, math classes to follow.

A robot in your pocket and the SRI talks on AI said the same thing
Cheap sensors == lots of data -> needs good software
Uncorrelated data may be correlated in large quantities.
Machine learning accuracy needs vary by system – email spam needs to be very accurate, picking a restaurant, not so much.
Human curated data- through social networks
Lots of user data that we’re not yet using – use it to personalize the app
Needs to figure out what user wants and to learn
Go wide and shallow, or deep and narrow

Support hackers
3D printing gunmaker forms company
If we ban the blueprints for gun parts are we banning gun manufacturing or information? What’s next? Physics books?

New trade show trend – apps and software for hiding your data while online or smart phone.