Geekiness and life on the third coast

SxSW Day 3


The trade show opened. Most was the same as last year, social media networks, new blogging software, cloud storage, various enticements to let companies collect data about you.

Great ways to catch geeks attention at a trade show: put out a free box of cables or spin a disco ball. :p

Links to dig into from Behavior Change by Chris Readon
Persuasion API
Dan Ariely
BJ Fogg
6 Principles of Influence
Persuasion Profiling

The making of DOOM was a great talk, it reminded me of the need to push the edges of the technology.
Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture
DOOM World
DOOM Bible

I didn’t get to attend this talk but I’ll be getting the book
Fake it Your Guide to Digital Defense

I heard Nate Silver, fascinating ideas but like his book scarce on details