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SxSW Day 2

No photos today, it was back to back sessions all day

First up was green tech about clean technology is failing to capture the public’s imagination. The talk was meh, but the company sounds interesting Green Tech. The speaker did make an interesting comment about memes: they must have a pattern you can join in and adapt.

Beyond Mobile was an amazing talk with Josh Clark Global Moxie. The good news is I’m working on the same stuff as everyone else so I’m on the right track, the bad news is everyone else is working on it too.
Beyond Mobile

Leap Motion looks amazing, I was very impressed with the two founders. I’m signing up for the dev program as soon as I get back home and settled.

Elon Musk spoke about reusable rockets, green houses on Mars and last week’s Dragon issues with the solar panels and thrusters. If you get a chance to hear him talk you should.

I also heard about research that is using electric signals to give you a sense of touch and lots of ways the researcher is planning to use this technology. It looks easy enough to do at home Revel(paper and information)

I wound up the day with a talk by Douglas Rushkoff on Present Shock, it was a fascinating talk, not sure I agree with him but I really enjoyed the talk anyhow.

I thought it was really ballsy for the EFF to be requesting donations in Aaron Swartz name after they failed him so badly. There’s a talk coming up on “How to keep the ACLU and EFF off your back” given by the EFF and ACLU. But they haven’t been on anyone’s back in at least a decade.