Geekiness and life on the third coast

Dubai Day 1

Today was my first day out and about in Dubai. Friday is like Sunday here so most everything was closed all morning. We made a pass through the local shopping mall, visited the world’s tallest building and went to the Old Golden Suk shopping district.

The shopping mall was mostly locals about 1/3 women 2/3 men. The Old Suk shopping district is Indian and Pakistani natives and about 95% men.

About 80% of the women wear burkas, about half of those with face covering. The other 20% of the women wear Indian or Western wear, even half of them cover their hair. Some of the burkas are very light weight some quite heavy. Almost all are black but many have designs on the front or sleeves. There are some brightly colored burkas usuallly worn by women who are African.

The men wear robes with tshirts and underpants or loose pants and a long shirt over them. About half of them cover their heads. The head covers are extremely thin fabric.

While traffic is light here, there is little pedestrian and bicycle traffic. There are buses, taxis everywhere and a train.

Juice is every where with little juice shops full of fruit that squeeze it fresh, coffee and tea shops are rare.

We stopped at an Indian place for dinner and I had a potato pancake with tomatoes and onions, it looked like a pizza.

Photography of people is frowned on here so it’s been tough getting pictures. The women all seem friendly and smile back. The men are mixed, they all stare, most will smile back, some just glare.

Prayers are called several times a day, praying is done in the Mosques not in public and most of the people ignore the calls.