Geekiness and life on the third coast

The Mosquitoes

We took a trip to Brazoria National Refuge today. It’s well worth a trip if you are in the area. Bring lots of Deet and protective clothing.

If you open a car door 100 or more mosquitoes zoom into your car. We found that by keeping the a/c fan on high we could keep it down to a few dozen entering the car when we opened the doors.

If you leave the car you are instantly surrounded by a hundred mosquitoes and will have a dozen or more actively trying to suck your blood.

If you slow your car to less than 5mph the car will surrounded and they will be beating at the glass trying to get to you.

It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie and oh so surreal. Be sure to bring industrial strength repellent and long clothing.

The baby alligators made the trip worthwhile, are they cool or what? They all piled up like a litter of kittens.

There are many birds of prey but I was too busy swatting mosquitoes to get in a decent picture. All I got was a vulture shot.

Heron at Brazoria Refuge.

Scary road sign on the road not far from the refuge.